NACD Announces Climate Action Task Force


The National Association of Conservation Districts Thursday announced the formation of a Climate Action Task Force. The Task Force will assess current and emerging climate policy opportunities and make recommendations to NACD’s leadership. The goal is to utilize the technical knowledge and expertise of conservation districts as part of the U.S. solution to climate change. NACD President Michael Crowder says, “It’s important to keep locally-led conservation at the forefront of U.S. climate mitigation efforts to set strong direction that also serves the needs of local communities.”

President Crowder selected NACD Immediate Past President Tim Palmer to lead the task force. Palmer says, “The task force members have a keen knowledge – from different perspectives – of how utilizing continuously refined and emerging practices can help our soils and ecosystems produce climate benefits.” NACD says conservation practices that are trusted and familiar to landowners can play a critical role in climate change mitigation and healthy farm, ranch, tribal and forestry economies.