Safety First


Planting season has started for some and is close for many others. Even though equipment and technology allow farmers today to plant more acres faster than ever before there are still time pressures to get crops planted.  Weather windows only stay open so long and the rush to take advantage of those opportunities can cause farmers to take dangerous risks.  Often things that are most obvious are the things we need reminded of the most.  Farm safety is definitely one of those things.  No doubt you have heard the calls for safety so often they may be losing their impact but that doesn’t make them any less important.  One momentary lack of concentration can cost you much more than bushels or money.  Remember you are the most irreplaceable part of your farming operation.  Whether it’s turning off machinery before working on it or making sure you have proper warning lights and SMV signs in place, you never know what precaution might save your life or someone else’s.  It’s also important for motorists to beware aware of large, slow moving equipment on rural roadways this time of year and to be more patient. I love this time of year as production agriculture is in full force.  I hope more people will take the time to make the connection between that tractor and planter ahead of them on the road and the food they will eat later that day.  If they do then maybe they will have a more positive attitude about having to slow down and allow a farmer to get to the next field.  Statistics tell us that farming is one of the most dangerous occupations.  Let’s all work together to change those statistics this year.