Soy-Based Innovation Clears Air and Helps Respiration


A new soy-based dust suppressant is now available for roads, construction sites, farms, and many more uses. It offers a sustainable choice for rural, urban, and business communities to improve air quality for people, pets, livestock, and crops. As part of the marketing effort, a new video shows how this innovation can help reduce dust on rural gravel roads near farms across the nation. BioBlend Renewable Resources EPIC EL dust suppressant is the latest industrial use product to enter the market after getting research funding from the United Soybean Board and the North Dakota Soybean Council. EPIC EL is made from soybean oil as well as glycerin, a coproduct of biodiesel production.

“The soybean checkoff is driving demand for U.S. soy through innovative and sustainable industrial use products,” says Dan Farney, USB Chair and a soybean farmer from Illinois. “A long-lasting soy-based dust suppressant is a natural choice for farmers, county engineers, and government agencies, as well as businesses in rural and urban areas, to improve air quality, traffic safety, and sustainability.”

Because EPIC EL is an odorless water-soluble product, it offers environmental benefits compared to the salt-based mixtures commonly used to control dust that trigger concerns about soil leaching and equipment corrosion.