Effort Underway to Stop Iowa’s E15 Mandate


A new effort is underway in Iowa to stop a proposed fuel mandate from becoming law. KCCI-TV in Des Moines says beginning in 2026, Governor Kim Reynolds’ mandate will require E15 to be sold at every gas station in the state. A group against requiring gas stations to sell E15 is trying to get drivers to rally behind them in the fight against the bill. The group calls itself The Fuel Choice Coalition, and it’s plastering stickers on pumps at many convenience stores and gas stations.

The stickers say, “Iowa lawmakers are taking up a law that will result in higher gas prices,” and they also feature a QR code that helps drivers send an email against the move to legislators. The opponents say the bill will force gas stations to make expensive upgrades to their tanks, which will cause fuel prices to “skyrocket.” They note that 1,500 sites in the state would have to spend anywhere from $300 million to $800 million, a cost that will have to be “passed on to consumers.” However, farmers support the legislation, saying it will help improve the ag economy that Iowa depends on.