JBS, Pilgrims, Announce Free Community College Tuition Program for Rural America

JBS USA and Pilgrim’s this week announced the launch of Better Futures. The effort is a free-of-charge, two-year college tuition program providing more than 66,000 company team members and their dependent children the opportunity to pursue their higher education dreams. Better Futures removes a major financial barrier to college attendance and stands to become the largest free college tuition program in rural America.

JBS USA and Pilgrim’s advisors will also help team members, many from first-generation American families, navigate the application process, which can be a deterrence to people applying to college for the first time. To be eligible, JBS USA and Pilgrim’s team members need only to have worked with the company for the last six months and remain in good standing with the company through completion of their education. College tuition is paid upfront by the company. If there is a facility where a college is not conveniently located, the companies will provide an online community college option.