South Dakota Seeks Emergency Waiver for CRP Haying and Grazing


U.S. lawmakers from South Dakota call on Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to provide an emergency waiver for CRP haying and grazing. The entire South Dakota Congressional delegation sent a letter to Vilsack this week asking him “to release as many additional CRP acres as possible.” The most recent U.S. Drought Monitor indicates that more than 95 percent of South Dakota is experiencing drought conditions. CRP acres often help alleviate the hay and grazing shortage for livestock producers during a drought. The drought conditions are worsening and will quickly result in very short hay supplies and a lack of pastureland across the state. South Dakota has already suffered grazing losses not only to drought but also to fires this year.  Emergency release of CRP for haying and grazing in the past has provided valuable feed in local areas in times of urgent need, many times keeping livestock operators from being forced to untimely liquidate their herds.