Top House Ag Republican Opposes Growing Climate Solutions Act


The top Republican on the House Agriculture Committee opposes the Growing Climate Solutions Act passed by the Senate last week. Representative Glen GT Thompson, a Republican from Pennsylvania, says the bill is a “big-government solution in search of a problem.” The Senate passed the bill last week, with support from many agriculture groups. However, Thompson says, “The consequences of government intrusion into voluntary carbon markets have not been adequately explored and Congress should continue educating itself and vetting these issues before legislating.” However, Senate Agriculture Committee Chair Debbie Stabenow called the bill a “win-win for farmers.” The legislation proposes a certification program at USDA to mitigate technical entry barriers to farmer and forest landowner participation in carbon credit markets. The bill also creates an online resource for farmers looking to connect with experts and establishes an Advisory Council to provide input to USDA and ensure the program remains effective and works for farmers.