USTR Tai Participates in Meeting with Asia Pacific Trade Partners


U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai, over the weekend, met with Asia-Pacific trade ministers while also commenting on the U.S.-China trade relationship. Before the meeting, Tai said regarding trade with China, “It’s a relationship in trade that has been marked by significant imbalance — that is in terms of performance, but also in terms of opportunity and openness of our markets to each other.”

The number of talks between the U.S. and China appear to be increasing, with no public signs of progress, according to Bloomberg News. Tai met with members of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, largely focusing on trade issues during the COVID-19 pandemic. Of note, the members state, “While the agriculture sector has been resilient and international markets have remained relatively stable during the pandemic, it remains one of the most protected sectors in global trade.” The members say they share a view towards achieving substantial progressive reductions in support and protection for agricultural products.