Chicken Marketers Urged to Innovate to Meet Needs Emerging from the Pandemic

Chicken, Rooster

With an estimated 20 percent of the workforce working at home beyond 2021, there will be 30 million meal occasions daily that used to be lunches consumed away from home. According to research presented at the 2021 Chicken Marketing Summit this week, the research presents an unprecedented opportunity for innovation for the poultry industry. The National Chicken Council and WATT Global Media presented the results of a study that focused on anticipated U.S. consumer behavior post-pandemic to identify opportunities for chicken to gain market share in home food preparation and the upcoming foodservice revolution. The results found 91 percent of respondents plan to continue eating fresh chicken at home, and 30 percent said they will eat more chicken than pre-pandemic. The National Chicken Council says the industry needs innovation to meet evolving needs and emerging occasions as more consumers anticipate doing more meal prep at home post-pandemic. That includes leveraging e-commerce platforms for food on demand.