August 7, 2022
Fargo, US 59 F

Strings Attached

If you believe government can fix problems or at least make them better then you are probably happy with the Biden administration’s approach on several fronts.  Issues such as livestock markets, meat labels, Waters of the US and Right to Repair are on the Administration’s to do list.  Whether government involvement will solve any of them remains to be seen.  There’s no doubt that these issues need to be addressed and resolved but the question is whether government involvement will make things better or worse.  Many farmers and ranchers say they prefer less government in their lives and their livelihoods because of the strings that are often attached. You know things are bad when they turn to the government for help. Government bureaucracy is often burdensome and restrictive and doesn’t usually lead to quick or clear solutions.  Promising to listen to stakeholders and conducting investigations is often political rhetoric that leads to nowhere.  In these early days of the Biden administration we have heard lots of proposals with few details.  Solutions usually require a certain amount of compromise and that seems to be in short supply these days.  The art of compromise used to be a sign of good government but now is considered a sign of weakness.  Ironically government involvement should enhance and protect our freedoms but often winds up restricting them with mandates and regulations.  These issues are complex with strong feelings on all sides and the outcomes will not make everybody happy. While government can and should play an important role, it can often help most when it’s involved the least but this Administration seems to be taking the opposite approach.  Perhaps they will be right but the track record isn’t the best.

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