AgriSafe Launches New Website to Support Safety for Farmers and Ranchers


The AgriSafe Network recently launched a new website focused on health topics for farmers and ranchers. The website, announced Thursday, integrates AgriSafe’s learning management system that includes fact sheets, webinars, and safety information for health professionals with health topics. The Health Topics page of the website is designed to help farmers and ranchers navigate occupational risks and servers as a trusted and reliable information on health and safety issues. Additionally, the website includes a “Learning Opportunities” section which features content produced by AgriSafe for health and safety professionals and rural healthcare providers. An AgriSafe spokesperson states, “This new space serves as a hub for the people working in agriculture to find specific information to their needs.” Agriculture ranks among the most hazardous industries, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. AgriSafe represents health and safety professionals who strive to reduce health disparities found among the agricultural community. For more information, visit