Biden Biofuels, Infrastructure Stance Disappoints Midwest Growers, Says Illinois Lawmaker


Biofuels leaders in the U.S. House are disappointed the Biden Administration isn’t doing more to promote renewable fuels, including in the Senate-passed infrastructure bill, now threatened in the House. House Biofuels Caucus co-chair and central Illinois Republican Rodney Davis is pressing the White House to fulfill RFS volume obligations and end small refinery waivers, but so far, to no avail, saying, “Instead of a balanced approach that relies upon the existing law and encouraging more development and usage of the renewable fuel standard and biofuels, they’ve decided to go one way, toward electrification of our vehicle fleet. But we have to have an administration that’s willing to follow the law, when it comes to the Renewable Fuel Standard.”

Davis tried to win an appropriations amendment to extend any new electric vehicle tax credits to E85 flex-fuel vehicles, but claims Democrats defeated it, going on to say, “They do not like the fact that any ounce of petroleum and any ounce of a fossil fuel is put into that fuel. But, at the same time, some of these far-left environmentalists, they don’t like the way we farm…corn!”
Leading Davis to argue, “It’s not just about the fight over those fossil fuels, it’s a fight about our way of life in the Midwest.”
And Davis is gearing up for a coming fight over the Senate-passed infrastructure and budget bills House Democrats are sharply divided over–each side threatening to blow up the process if they don’t get their way.