EPA Announces Resources to Better Address Nutrient Pollution Affecting Waters


The Environmental Protection Agency this week released new resources to address adverse effects of nutrient pollution in waters, including algae blooms. The three new resources will help EPA’s co-regulators and partners better protect waters from the effects of nutrient pollution. The three resources include the agency’s Final Recommended Nutrient Criteria for Lakes and Reservoirs, a web-based tool with information and tracking of harmful algal blooms.

EPA has published revised recommended ambient water quality criteria under the Clean Water Act to help address nutrient pollution in lakes and reservoirs. EPA says the new criteria will help protect drinking water sources, recreational uses, and aquatic life in our nation’s lakes and reservoirs.  EPA has also published a new ArcGIS StoryMap that will allow the public to learn about and track reported cyanobacteria in freshwaters across the country. Finally, the EPA has published a Final Technical Support Document for co-regulators such as states, territories and tribes to protect swimmers from two cyanobacterial toxins produced by harmful algal blooms.