European Commission Delays Certificate Regulation, Protecting U.S. Dairy Exports


The European Commission this week decided to extend the implementation deadline for its new health certificate requirements to January 15, 2022. The International Dairy Foods Association says the announcement backs off on threats to shut down U.S. dairy exports to EU member states as well as transshipments of U.S. dairy products through the European Union.

IDFA and U.S. officials considered the certificate requirements—requiring animal health monitoring and veterinarian sign-off, among other requirements—to be burdensome and in conflict with international standards set by the World Organization for Animal Health. IDFA says the EC’s extension provides U.S. and European officials with enough time to complete their discussions and determine appropriate implementation procedures for U.S. exports.

IDFA President and CEO Michael Dykes states, “We are grateful for the support and intervention of the Biden Administration to resolve this matter and hope the U.S. government will continue working with IDFA to help U.S. dairy gain access to the EU market.”