Farm Credit: Infrastructure Package to Improve Rural America


The Farm Credit Council says the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will help improve rural America, bringing infrastructure improvements and jobs. Farm Credit President and CEO Todd Van Hoose Thursday stated, “We commend the bipartisan group of 22 Senators and President Biden for their tremendous effort to forge agreement on this critical legislation.”

The legislation will bring support for rural broadband and rural water systems. The bill also will strengthen agriculture transport networks by improving rural roadways and bridges, freight rail, inland waterways, and port facilities. Van Hoose says these investments will create jobs in rural communities, make U.S. agriculture more competitive in global markets, and make rural communities “more vital places to live and work.” As for broadband, the bill features more than $40 billion in funding to improve rural broadband access.

The bill is on track to pass and could pass the Senate before lawmakers adjourn for the upcoming August recess.