Groups Urge Congress to Pass the Next Generation Fuels Act


Growth Energy praised the introduction of the Next Generation Fuels Act, sponsored by Illinois Democrat Cheri Bustos and Republican James Comer of Kentucky. CEO Emily Skor says the legislation represents a clear roadmap for turbo-charging the country’s progress against climate change while offering drivers cleaner, more affordable options at the pump. “With a natural octane of 113, ethanol is the only high-performance, homegrown, renewable fuel that’s ready to immediately loosen the hold that OPEC and its allies in Russia have over U.S. fuel prices,” Skor says. “This also directly addresses a recent court decision that threatens to stall the growth of higher biofuel blends like E15.”

She also points out that low carbon, higher biofuel blends hold enormous potential for rural America’s role in clean energy production. The National Farmers Union also hailed the legislation. “There are many benefits to adopting low-carbon, high octane ethanol blends,” says NFU President Rob Larew. “Higher blends increase engine and vehicle efficiency, providing greater GHG emission reductions, as well as reducing emissions of criteria pollutants and air toxics.”