Pro Farmer Releases 2021 Crop Estimates

Corn Combine

The 2021 Pro Farmer Crop yield estimates are out. Corn yield is predicted at 15.116 billion bushels nationwide, with an average yield of 177 bushels an acre. Pro Farmer says the soybean crop will total 4.436 billion bushels on an average yield of 51.2 bushels an acre. Illinois had the highest corn estimate on the Pro Farmer Crop Tour at 212 bushels per acre, but the big question there is will there be enough pockets of high-yielding corn to offset areas hurt by dryness and wind. A big surprise was the Indiana corn yield, jumping ahead of Nebraska in the 200-yield club. Indiana corn harvest was estimated at 200 bushels an acre on a very consistent corn crop. Nebraska was next at 190 bushels an acre, as the irrigated corn is going to pull up the state’s yields, offsetting some dryland losses. South Dakota had the lowest yield estimate at 140 bushels an acre because of drought. Three states had soybean harvest estimates over 60 bushels an acre, including Illinois at 66, Indiana at 62, and Ohio at 60. South Dakota also had the lowest harvest prediction for soybeans at 41 bushels an acre, while Minnesota also struggled with a lack of moisture for soybeans, resulting in a prediction of 46 bushels an acre.