Growth Energy Urges President Biden to Uphold Clean Energy Commitments


Growth Energy members call on President Joe Biden to stand behind his promise to take clear action on climate change by supporting low-carbon biofuels and upholding the Renewable Fuel Standard. During a virtual fly-in this week, 87 Growth Energy members sent a letter to President Biden outlining their take on the issue. The letter states, “If we are to achieve net-zero by 2050, we must use all tools in the toolbox – including biofuels.” The Growth Energy members point out that fuels like ethanol reduce carbon emissions by 46 percent over their full lifecycle. As for the Renewable Fuel Standard, the group says fossil fuel advocates continue to demand that EPA adopt Renewable Volume Obligations that fall far short of the President’s commitment to uphold the RFS. To help reduce carbon emissions and reach Biden’s transportation decarbonization goals, the letter adds, “it is vital that conventional biofuel blending targets meet the15-billion-gallon minimum required by law.”