House Democrats Ask Leadership for Extra Funds to Prevent ASF


A group of House Democrats sent a letter to leadership asking for $75 million in funding for the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service to help prevent and prepare for a possible African Swine Fever Outbreak in the U.S. A total of seven House Democrats are concerned about an ASF outbreak in America’s swine herds. They’re asking House Leadership to include the requested funds in the next continuing resolution or supplemental appropriations package that moves through Congress.

“A confirmed ASF positive sample in any U.S. state or territory would be devastating to the American pork industry and rural economy,” they wrote in the letter. “An outbreak in any part of the U.S. would restrict pork producers from being able to participate in global trade.”

The representatives also point out that America’s pork producers are a crucial part of the domestic food supply chain and contribute close to seven billion dollars in global exports, which makes the additional investment in APHIS vital to the safety of America’s food supply. In July, APHIS confirmed the presence of ASF in samples collected from hogs in the Dominican Republic, raising concerns about a possible outbreak that could reach the United States.