Newhouse: Work Continues to Address Ag Labor in DC


With so many issues being addressed in Washington, D.C., some in farm county may feel like agricultural needs are not being addressed.

However, Dan Newhouse says one of the biggest issues facing today’s farmer is getting more and more attention: Farm Labor.

The Chair of the Western Caucus says there is a growing level of awareness and urgency among many member of Congress.

“We passed the bill in the House this spring, and there’s a group of senators that have taken up the mantel of the Farm Workforce Modernization Act, and have been working very well together, a bipartisan group of senators. And we’ll continue to work with them to do all we can to move that legislation through the Senate.”

Newhouse acknowledged the process may feel slow and frustrating at time, but he added more and more conversation about addressing the worker shortage are taking place.

He added while finding workers is challenging right now across the economy, the Ag labor issue has been a long-term one, and one he would like to see addressed with meaningful reform.