Reconciliation Bill Tackles Conservation and Farm Assistance


The Hagstrom Report says the Democrats’ budget reconciliation bill will contain language to address the court cases brought against a program to provide debt relief directed to minority farmers. Senate Ag Chair Debbie Stabenow made that known after a committee business meeting last week. White farmers and many conservation groups have filed 13 lawsuits against the program, but the Biden administration hasn’t yet responded.

Stabenow says, “We’re leading the way in helping farmers tackle the climate crisis with a historic investment of $28 billion, which is the largest investment in conservation since the Dust Bowl.” She also points out that American conservation programs are proven and popular with farmers, ranchers, and foresters. This will make a huge impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and is equal to taking about 142 million cars off the road. The legislation would provide $5 billion for direct payments to producers who establish cover crops totaling $25 per acre for up to 1,000 acres through the fiscal year 2026.