U.S. Dairy Industry Advances Solutions to Deliver a More Sustainable and Secure Food System

The U.S. dairy community is reaffirming its commitment to be part of the climate solution, pledging to address its total greenhouse gas footprint. The industry is also setting goals to achieve carbon neutrality, optimize water use and improve water quality by 2050. In addition, U.S. dairy is strengthening equitable access to nutritious dairy foods worldwide while ensuring animal and employee welfare through a transparent production system. Ahead of the Food Systems Summit, the UN solicited “game-changing” ideas, initiatives and innovations that can bring about positive change. The U.S. dairy industry responded with three solutions announced in a news release Thursday. The goals include the U.S. Dairy Net Zero initiative, The National Dairy Farmers Assuring Responsible Management Program and School Nutrition and Food Bank Partnerships. Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy chairman Mike Haddad (hah-dad) states, “As food systems transformation takes center stage, the U.S. dairy sector is undergoing a transformation of its own.”