USDA Offers New Insurance Option for Split-Apply Nitrogen


Corn farmers who “split-apply” nitrogen will soon have another option for crop insurance coverage. Starting in the 2022 crop year, the USDA’s Risk Management Agency will offer the Post Application Coverage Endorsement (PACE) in certain states for non-irrigated corn, providing coverage for producers who use this practice that’s considered better for natural resources and saves money for producers.

To “split-apply” nitrogen, growers make multiple fertilizer applications during the growing season rather than providing all of the crop’s nitrogen requirements with a single treatment before or during planting.

“USDA is committed to building insurance options that encourage the use of practices that are better for the environment and producers’ bottom lines,” says RMA Acting Administrator Richard Flournoy. “We can offer the PACE thanks to the cooperation of four partners, including the Illinois Corn Growers Association and the National Corn Growers Association.”

Split application of nitrogen can lead to lower input costs as well as help prevent runoff or leaching of nutrients into waterways and groundwater. This is because it’s used in more targeted amounts over multiple applications, rather than one large application.