USSEC Announces Global Aquaculture Industry Advisory Council


The U.S. Soybean Export Council Wednesday announced the convening of the Global Aquaculture Industry Advisory Council. The council includes fresh multistakeholder representation from 11 academia, civil society, industry, public sector, and sustainability certification organizations around the world. USSEC says the council reaffirms U.S. Soy farmers and the industry’s commitment to shaping a growing and sustainable aquaculture industry.

Approximately 3.3 billion people rely on seafood for almost 20 percent of their average per capita intake of protein, making it the world’s largest traded food commodity. The amount of seafood produced by aquaculture now exceeds wild catch. Total fish production is expected to expand from 179 million metric tons in 2018 to 204 million metric tons in 2030. Aquaculture consumption increased 122 percent from 1990 to 2018, and production is projected to reach 109 million tons in 2030. The USSEC Global Aquaculture Industry Advisory Council will meet at least twice a year, with the first meeting September 2021 virtually.