Weekly Export Sales Numbers Higher


Export sales of soybeans, corn, and wheat for delivery in the 2021-2022 marketing year were all higher week-to-week. The USDA says soybean sales in the seven days that ended on August 26 totaled 2.13 million metric tons, up from 1.75 million a week earlier. China was the top soybean buyer at 1.26 million metric tons, while unnamed countries purchased another 654,000 tons. Mexico, Egypt, and Taiwan rounded out the top five soybean buyers. Exports totaled 324,000 metric tons, up 25 percent over the prior week. Corn sales to overseas buyers for delivery surged to 1.16 million metric tons, up from 684,000 tons the previous week. Mexico was the top corn buyer at 464,5000 metric tons, followed by Colombia, Canada, Japan, and Taiwan. Exports for the week dropped 30 percent to 529,300 metric tons. Wheat sales jumped to 295,300 metric tons, up noticeably from the 116,000 tons sold the week before. Mexico was the top buyer at 103,900 metric tons, followed by Japan, Nigeria, China, and the Philippines. An unnamed country canceled shipments totaling 100,000 metric tons.