EPA Announces Strategy to Confront PFAS Pollution


Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan Monday announced the agency’s comprehensive Strategic Roadmap to confront PFAS contamination nationwide. The roadmap results from a thorough analysis conducted by the EPA Council on PFAS that Administrator Regan established in April 2021. EPA’s Roadmap is centered on three guiding strategies, including increasing investments in research, leveraging authorities to take action now to restrict PFAS chemicals from being released into the environment, and accelerate the cleanup of PFAS contamination. Administrator Regan says, “For far too long, families across America – especially those in underserved communities – have suffered from PFAS in their water, their air, or in the land their children play on.” The roadmap lays out an aggressive timeline to set enforceable drinking water limits under the Safe Drinking Water Act to ensure water is safe to drink. In April 2021, Administrator Regan established the EPA Council on PFAS to address the impacts of PFAS contamination.