August 8, 2022
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Getting Greedy

The recent failure to pass an infrastructure bill reminds us of the dysfunctional way our government often operates.  In recent years both Republicans and Democrats have repeatedly promised passage of meaningful infrastructure legislation only to have “politics” keep it from happening. It’s a sad commentary on our political system when one of the few bills that gets bipartisan support can’t get passed.  This time it was a matter of Democrats getting greedy and insisting on attaching the infrastructure bill with the budget reconciliation bill.  Their all or nothing approach so far has left us with nothing but the usual finger pointing and blame game. The strategy of using one piece of legislation to get another one passed is not new but it is not the best way to govern our country.  Then again neither is the practice of waiting until the last possible moment to try and pass major legislation.  Some say deadlines are the only way to get bills passed but that doesn’t make it the best way.  Plus Congress usually finds ways to work around and delay deadlines.  The only deadlines they consider as hard deadlines are usually the ones where they go home for holidays or other scheduled time off.  Those are considered sacred cows in Washington D.C. Time will tell if we eventually get a much needed infrastructure bill passed or not but if the price tag includes a multi trillion dollar human infrastructure package then I think the price tag is too high.  Certainly improvements need to be made to our roads, bridges, locks and dams and broadband but if it means costly tax changes that will cause long term harm then it’s not worth it even if some politicians try to tell us it won’t cost us anything.  Statements like that used to be followed with the saying “if you believe that then I have a bridge to sell you”.  Of course that bridge has probably fallen down due to the lack of an infrastructure bill getting passed.  I applaud those in both parties that have been willing to stand up and say enough is enough on some of these spending bills.  Those that are willing to put country ahead of party are to be complimented not condemned.  Sadly there aren’t enough of them in Washington D.C. today. Law making is often compared to sausage making and that no one likes to watch the process but will usually like the outcome.  Sadly in today’s politics we more and more find ourselves not liking the process or the outcome.

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