New Guide Outlines Crop Insurance Options for Small Grains

As farmers start to think about next year’s crop, the Center for Rural Affairs has released a new resource guide to inform producers who grow small grains about crop insurance options. Many farmers are familiar with their options for corn and soybeans, but fewer are familiar with their options for crops such as wheat, oats, barley, and rye. The reasons some Midwest and Great Plains farmers opt to grow small grains range from conservation benefits to the requirements of organic certification to local markets. However, while small grains do have benefits on the landscape, they come with associated risks. The guide covers the availability of established Multi-Peril policies for small grains, what to do if there is no available policy in your county, and other topics. The information included will be helpful for both organic and conventional producers. To view “From Seed to Secured: Crop Insurance for Small Grains,” visit