USB: Future of Farming Demands High-Speed Internet Solutions

Broadband Technology

A new report reveals that providing U.S. farmers and ranchers access to fast, affordable and reliable broadband will increase sustainability. Funded by the United Soybean Board, the report says improved broadband will also allow more reliable and efficient food production for a growing population and strengthen America’s rural communities. Meagan Kaiser, USB treasurer, says, “Without a reliable connection to the internet, data collection and its subsequent use is severely limited,” noting data as the most valuable tool for farmers. The report lays out 15 recommendations for delivering the high-speed internet that farmers and rural communities need. The recommendations focus on performance standards, fiber internet access, and addressing gaps in broadband coverage. The recommendations are a direct response to the problems revealed in a 2019 rural broadband study from USB. The initial study showed 60 percent of U.S. farmers and ranchers do not believe they have adequate internet connectivity to run their businesses.