Bill Would Suspend Brazilian Beef Imports to the U.S.


U.S. Senator Jon Tester of Montana introduced legislation to suspend Brazilian beef imports to the United States. The move comes after repeated issues with delayed reporting of BSE, or mad cow outbreaks in Brazilian beef. Suspending the imports will give experts a chance to conduct a thorough review of the meat’s safety. “Americans deserve the highest level of safety and certainty in their beef, and Brazilian imports don’t make the cut,” Tester says. “Concerns about Brazil’s imports not only jeopardize consumers’ trust but present a serious risk to our country’s producers.” It took until September before Brazil announced two cases of atypical BSE were detected in June. Most countries report outbreaks to the World Organization of Animal Health within days. The bill would ensure Brazil’s beef is safe to eat before it’s brought back into the U.S. market. America’s prominent beef cattle groups came out in support of Tester’s bill.