Deere Workers Voting on Third Offer


Union workers employed by Deere and Company vote this week on a third and final offer from Deere. The tentative agreement, announced Friday, includes modest modifications to the previous tentative agreement presented for ratification on November 2, according to United Auto Workers. UAW is presenting the ratified agreement to members for a vote and will continue the strike until an agreement is approved. Meanwhile, a recent poll by the Des Moines Register found 58 percent of Iowa adults say they mostly side with Deere workers, 16 percent of respondents say they mostly side with the employers, while 19 percent are unsure and seven percent support neither group. Union members have rejected two tentative agreements from Deere and will vote Wednesday on the latest offer. More than 10,000 workers remain on strike in Iowa, Illinois and Kansas. UAW says the offer is the “best and final” offer to the UAW negotiating team.