Defend the Blend Act Introduced in the House


Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor issued a thank you to lawmakers for introducing the Defend the Blend Act into the House of Representatives. The bill’s main sponsors include Republicans Ashley Hinson of Iowa and Rodney Davis of Illinois, and Democrats Angie Craig of Minnesota and Ron Kind of Wisconsin. “We thank these lawmakers for introducing the Defend the Blend Act, legislation that would offer more certainty in the marketplace, especially as we await the 2021 and 2022 RVOs from the Environmental Protection Agency,” Skor says. “The Renewable Fuel Standard was put in place to blend more low-carbon biofuels into our nation’s transportation fuel supply and includes a built-in mechanism that adjusts for any changes in fuel demand.” She also says retroactively changing RVO levels is completely unnecessary, adds uncertainty to the marketplace, and far exceeds the EPA’s legal authority. Earlier this fall, rumors said that EPA was considering retroactively reducing the 2020 RVO.