May 20, 2022
Fargo, US 47 F

Long Overdue

It was long overdue but Congress has finally passed an infrastructure bill.  Like most spending bills this one has some good and some not so good.  Overall it does address some needs that have been neglected for years.  Roads, bridges, waterways and broadband will hopefully now get the funding they have needed and agriculture has been pushing for.  While I’m happy these needs are finally being addressed there are still reasons for concern.  First don’t expect these improvements to happen over night.  As we all know government moves slowly and this bill will be no exception.  The other concern is that in several areas it creates more government control.  My biggest concern however is that we don’t know the final price tag for this bill.  The infrastructure bill that passed is for $1.2 trillion however if the proposed social agenda spending bill that is still being debated is eventually passed as part of the deal then I think the price tag is too high even for the much needed infrastructure improvements.  We’ll see if moderate House Democrats facing reelection will support the social spending bill and even if they do whether it can pass through an even more skeptical Senate.  Some are wisely calling for a CBO scoring of the bill to see if the math matches the Biden Administration’s.  I doubt that it will.  Recent election results make it an even tougher sell.  Meanwhile we finally have an infrastructure bill that could have been passed months ago except for political games.  Ironically for years one of the selling points of an infrastructure bill was job creation but still it couldn’t pass.  Now the bill passes at a time when we have lots of jobs available that workers are unwilling to fill.  I hope we can overcome our supply/chain and worker issues to actually make these infrastructure improvements a reality.  Unfortunately recent history shows us that more government spending doesn’t guarantee good results.

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