New Leadership Program Designed to Help Animal Agriculture


Emerging leaders in agriculture have a new opportunity to get next-level leadership and professional development training specifically focusing on animal agriculture. It’s called Advanced Training for Animal Agriculture Leaders, a program created and sponsored by the United Soybean Board and the National Institute for Animal Agriculture. It’s designed to empower professionals in the early or middle part of their careers to build on previous leadership development experiences and collaborate with peers across the industry. “Advanced Training for Animal Agriculture Leaders is a win for program participants and a win for the animal agriculture industry,” says J.J. Jones, NIAA executive director. “Developed as a 2.0 leadership experience, the program will not only give participants world-class hands-on training but also put their training into practice.” Jones also says it’s a chance to create meaningful connections with one another and advance real solutions to real animal agricultural challenges. The 16-month program focuses on four areas of development: critical thinking, leadership development, connecting and relating skills, and operational excellence.