September 29, 2022
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North Dakota Farmer Accused in Plot Against Ukrainian Ag Minister

OMAHA (DTN) — A North Dakota farmer with business dealings in Ukraine now finds himself in custody there, accused by authorities in that country of plotting an assassination attempt against Ukraine’s agriculture minister.

The allegations come after four years of legal battles and incriminating claims in Ukraine between North Dakota farmer Kurt Groszhans, 50, and Roman Leshchenko, who became Ukraine’s agricultural minister earlier this year at age 32 and has claimed physical threats against him ever since he took office.

A district court in Kyiv ordered Groszhans be taken into custody and detained last week. The court ordered Groszhans to be taken to a pre-trial detention center, according to Ukrainian media reports, for 60 days.

Kurt Groszhan’s family in North Dakota only found out about his arrest after a farmer in Ukraine sent his sister, Kimberly Groszhans, a message on social media. Since then, Kimberly told DTN that family members have been worried about Kurt’s health and safety. Another sister heard late Monday from the State Department that some from the embassy had briefly visited Kurt in jail to check on his well-being.

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