R-CALF Statement on Cattle Market Price Discovery and Transparency Bill


R-CALF USA awaits the full text of the compromise Cattle Market Price Discovery and Transparency Bill to analyze the legislation. The final language of the compromise is not yet publicly available. However, reacting to the news, R-CALF CEO Bill Bullard says, “Publicly available information does not indicate the compromise bill does what we asked.” Bullard says, “We asked Congress to immediately force the dominant packers to begin competing for cattle and give consumers the opportunity to choose where they want their beef produced.” The organization will review the bill before making a final decision. Bullard says R-CALF will determine if the bill can immediately restore lost competition to the market, if it can immediately ensure timely market access for all participants, and if it treats all independent cattle producers and feeders equally. Finally, the organization wants to see if the legislation “truly rebalances the market power” between disaggregated cattle producers and the highly concentrated beef packers.