Reaction to the Build Back Better Bill Framework Released Last Week


Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack issued an endorsement of the framework for President Biden’s Build Back Better Act that was announced last week. Vilsack says to create millions of good-paying jobs, grow the economy, build American competitiveness, and secure the future of American children, then the U.S. must invest in the human infrastructure of the nation, which is America’s working families. “The Build Back Better framework is the largest effort in American history to combat the climate crisis while spurring economic opportunity with innovation and good jobs here at home, better positioning us to compete globally,” Vilsack says. Senate Ag Chair Debbie Stabenow says, “The bill scales up climate-smart agriculture programs that farmers, foresters, and rural businesses use to protect resources and be more energy-efficient.” National Farmers Union President Rob Larew says the agreement is a tremendous step toward addressing many of the challenges facing the nation. “Family farmers and ranchers are an essential part of the climate solution,” Larew says. “We’re pleased the framework invests in programs to help accelerate the implementation of climate-smart practices on farms and ranches and demonstrates support for biofuels.” Larew also says this effort will help to make farms more resilient in the face of extreme weather events or other natural disasters made worse by climate change.