White House: Infrastructure Deal to Improve Supply Chain


A White House fact sheet released Wednesday says the bipartisan infrastructure deal will improve the supply chain. The report says the infrastructure legislation will make fundamental changes that are long overdue for ports, airports, rail and roads to ensure supply chains are more resilient and efficient from future shocks. According to some rankings, no U.S. airports rank in the top 25 of airports worldwide, and no U.S. port ranks in the top 50 ports for efficiency. The legislation invests $17 billion in port infrastructure and waterways and $25 billion in airports to address a variety of issues. Despite global disruptions due to the pandemic, The White House says America is moving record numbers of goods from ports to shelves and homes. The Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, which import 40 percent of all containerized imports into the country, are handling the most in their history, 17 percent more than their previous record year.