Farm Bill, Taxes, Regulations and Supply Chains Top AFB List of 2022 Priorities


Farm bill, taxes, regulations, and supply chain issues top American Farm Bureau’s list of 2022 priorities. Congress will start farm bill talks in the new year, but AFB’s Sam Kieffer says Farm Bureau has other priorities as well.

“Making sure the tax code remains favorable and workable for farm and rural families. We’re also going to be looking at sustainability efforts, as Congress and the administration look to focus on greenhouse gases and carbon markets. We want to make sure that farmers have a seat at the table.”

On the regulatory side, AFB wants to; “Defend against some of the federal rollbacks on environmental regulations, to include the Navigable Waters Protection Rule and some of the Endangered Species Act habitat rules. And we’re going to also focus on renewable energy; U.S. biofuels play an important role,” according to Kieffer.

And supply chain bottlenecks haven’t gone away. “There continue to be some supply chain reverberations affecting all sectors of the economy, including agriculture. We want to make sure that farmers and ranchers have access to agricultural inputs.”

Especially fertilizer, facing soaring prices brought on by steep foreign demand. AFB holds its annual convention in a couple of weeks in Atlanta, Georgia, where Kieffer says voting delegates will adopt or change priorities.