Follow the Law

Deadlines are a part of life.  We all deal with them and most of the time we try to meet them whether we like them or not especially if they are required by law.  Unfortunately our government officials don’t always do the same.  Once again another administration has decided it doesn’t have to meet the deadline required by the Renewable Fuels Standard and announce the blending levels of biofuels that oil refiners are required by law to meet.  November 30 has come and gone and still no announcement although there are rumors it may be coming in the near future.  Whenever it comes it will be late especially when you consider this year is all but over and they may even try to go back and change the numbers for past years.  This is not how the RFS was meant to be implemented.  I’ve often said politicians aren’t used to legislation that actually performs as intended so they feel they need to tamper with it instead of just following the law.  Both political parties are guilty of this.  By now it has become all too familiar.  Candidates for president give campaign promises to support the biofuels industry and the RFS only to start playing games with it once they are in office. The RFS was passed into law to help develop and grow our domestic biofuels industry.  Despite the lack of timely enforcement of the law, the biofuels industry has helped our country achieve energy independence, create jobs and help clean our air.  Just think how much more it could do if it ever had the full support of our federal government.  This administration, like the one before it, continues to play games with the RFS and try to appease both the biofuels industry and the oil industry.  The Biden administration has gone down the same rabbit hole as the Trump administration and is getting the same result.  Neither side is happy.  Congress obviously left too many loopholes in the RFS and politicians have found ways to use them while taking for granted or ignoring the benefits that the law has achieved.  It’s unfortunate that our government can pick and choose which laws and deadlines it meets.  Seemingly the only deadline that matters in Washington D.C. is getting home in time for the holidays.