NCC Comments on Labeling Cell-Cultured Meat and Poultry


The National Chicken Council commented on the labeling of cell-cultured meat and poultry products. The NCC says those products need to be marketed in a way that clearly conveys their basic nature to consumers. That will avoid confusing consumers regarding the difference between cell-cultured protein products and traditional animal protein products.

“This approach ensures a neutral playing field and gives consumers truthful information about the differences between the products,” says NCC Senior Vice President of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Ashley Pederson. “That will allow consumers to make the choices they think are most important to their family.” The NCC says it’s not appropriate to refer to cell-cultured products using terms like “clean meat.”

In their comments, NCC issued six recommendations, including a term such as “Cell-Cultured” should be included in the product name on the label. They also want the Food Safety and Inspection Service to establish a codified standard of identity for the products.