Weekly Wheat Export Inspection Numbers Rise


The USDA says inspections for overseas wheat deliveries rose week-to-week while corn and bean assessments dropped. Wheat inspections during the seven days ending on December 23 totaled 271,350 metric tons. That’s up from almost 227,000 tons the week prior, but well below the 407,400 metric tons examined during the same week in 2020. Corn assessments totaled 719,000 metric tons, down from one million tons the previous week. It’s also down from the 1.27 million tons inspected during the same time in 2020. Soybean inspections came in at 1.58 million metric tons, down from 1.89 million the previous week. During the same week last year, the agency inspected 2.27 million metric tons for export. Since the current marketing year began, the USDA has inspected 12 million metric tons of corn for delivery, down from 14.1 million tons last year. Soybean inspections total 28.9 million tons, down from 37.5 million. Wheat inspections are at 11.9 million tons after 14.5.