July 5, 2022
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Agricultural Credit Score Available Ahead of Ag Lending Season

MADISON, Wis., Jan. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Agrograph, a global agrifinance company leading the industry in data-based solutions that help industries supporting today’s modern farmer, created the Credit Score of Agriculture utilizing its AGROS™ Risk Score.

The AGROS™ Risk Score delivers a standardized creditworthiness rating leveraging validated data such as climate, crop and management practice information for every field in an operation, anywhere on the globe. The score was developed by a team of remote sensing analysts, data scientists, software engineers, and veteran ag leaders after collecting counsel from industry bankers and insurers.

“As we continue to see volatility across commodity markets and rising costs of inputs, we have to be mindful about how this heightens risk across agricultural lending portfolios,” explained Jim O’Brien, CEO and Co-Founder of Agrograph. “When combined with traditional credit assessment tools, the Credit Score of Ag™ creates a standardized and streamlined system that allows lenders to better match price to risk.”

Individuals can try The Credit Score of Ag™ for free through January 31 at www.agrograph.com.

Leveraging Boundless™ technology we deliver AGROS™ Scores that empower ag risk managers. Multi-level data layering through our AGROS™ AI, assesses, automates and advises action to manage risk and trigger decisions. At Agrograph, we analyze variables gathered through satellite imagery and generate visual data insights to empower decision makers in agriculture. We are the Credit Score of Agriculture™.

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