Coalition to Study Decontamination in the Event of an ASF Outbreak


The Swine Health Information Center started a coalition to study ideal methods for cleaning and disinfecting feed mills following a potential African Swine Fever Outbreak. Other organizations include the Institute for Feed Education and Research, the Animal Nutrition Association of Canada, and the United Soybean Board. “SHIC continues to look into all the ways diseases can get into and spread throughout the country,” says Executive Director Paul Sundberg. “It’s not just to identify pathways but to do something about them with this kind of research.” He also says that once the ASF virus gets into a feed mill, it will stay there for a long time, meaning the work is essential to address the risk to the U.S. swineherd. The project will examine the optimal methods for disinfecting feed mills, paying close attention to feed manufacturing equipment that’s not designed for disinfection. “Again, this work is essential to protecting the swineherd,” he adds.