Iowa Trying Again for Higher Ethanol Blends


Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds is taking another shot at higher ethanol blends. She wants the state to require gas stations to offer fuel with higher ethanol blends. The Des Moines Register says a more wide-reaching proposal stalled out last year after disagreements between fuel retailers, renewable fuel providers, and transportation groups. “Iowans deserve access to fuel that’s less expensive, cleaner-burning, and grown and made right here,” Reynold says. Her new legislation recently passed the House Ways and Means Committee after hearing objections from transportation groups and gas stations, as well as praise from renewable fuel producers. Despite the disagreements, key lawmakers say they’re much closer to an agreement that both sides could accept. That’s compared to the wide gap that kept the legislation from passing in 2021. Lawmakers say the work they began a year ago, spending a lot of time in meetings, and trying to build a consensus may pay off in 2022.