NCGA Focusing on Driving Demand in 2022


Exports and animal agriculture make up nearly 70 percent of the annual U.S. corn demand. The National Corn Growers Market Development Action Team has a primary goal of driving demand for America’s corn farmers. “Last fall, we announced the winners of the Consider Corn Challenge, engaged with our animal ag partners on a variety of projects, and worked with trade industry partners to promote the benefits of U.S. Corn,” says Action Team Chair Troy Schneider. “We’re going to build on our wins from 2021 and continue to make strides in this space during 2022 and beyond.” Their priorities this year include increasing demand for U.S. animal agriculture domestic demand and exports; supporting research into corn and corn co-product use within animal feed; Identifying new and supporting existing industrial uses of corn; supporting the development of trade policy that opens markets, removes barriers, and advances international demand for corn and corn products.