Supreme Court Declines to Hear Year-Round E15 Appeal 


Another setback for year-round sales of 15 percent ethanol-blended gasoline – the U.S. Supreme Court won’t hear an appeal of a lower court ruling against summertime use of E15. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says;  “Growth Energy’s petition would have permitted year-round sales of E15. This does not mean the court rejected the merits of the case. The court hears less than one percent of the petitions it receives.”

So, Senator Grassley says he’s now sponsoring legislation. “That has the title of Consumer and Fuel Retailers’ Choice Act. This bill would allow fuel retailers across the country to sell E15 and other high-blend fuels 12 months a year.”

Grassley admits he needs support outside the corn belt but adds. “But I would start with the 28 Senators that come from the 14 corn-growing states that shouldn’t be leaving this up to just the half a dozen of us that are sponsoring this bill. They ought to get on, right away.”

Close to 2,500 stations nationwide were selling E15 this past summer, a five-fold increase from only a few years ago.

Meantime, Grassley says electric vehicles may have ‘hit the brakes’ now that the Biden Build Back Better Act with EV tax breaks is stalled or worse. “I think you’ve got to see that as that bill being dead, and if Biden wants to lower emission standards, he’s going to need ethanol to a greater extent.”

The ethanol industry argues corn ethanol is key to reducing climate pollution and controlling gas prices.