U.S. Biofuel Stresses Biofuel Successes in Testimony


U.S. biofuel industry backers told lawmakers that the nation’s renewable fuel mandates are good for farmers, national security, and the environment. The supporters defended the Renewable Fuel Standard as the Biden administration considers changes to the program. The program is good for the nation’s farmers, but the oil industry says the mandates are too expensive. “The RFS remains the nation’s most successful clean energy policy,” said Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor during the congressional hearing. “Let me be clear on this. There is no path to net-zero emissions by 2050 without biofuels.” Reuters says other advocates called the RFS “crucial support” for American farmers and it reduces the need for energy imports. The Environmental Protection Agency is reviewing the RFS and intends to announce potential changes to the program by May. “As much as the Biden administration dreams of all-electric vehicles, the reality is liquid fuels are here to stay,” says Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa.