USDA Seeks Nominations for Members to Science and Research Advisory Board


The Department of Agriculture is soliciting continuous nominations for membership to its National Agricultural Research, Extension, Education, and Economics Advisory Board and its committees. The board is comprised of 15 members representing a specific category of U.S. agricultural stakeholders. The board’s three committees include the Specialty Crop Committee, Citrus Disease Subcommittee and National Genetic Resources Advisory Council. USDA expects to appoint or reappoint approximately 15 new board and committee members in October 2022. A USDA spokesperson says, “We are looking for professionals with diverse perspectives, backgrounds and scientific expertise to ensure research on our nation’s food and agricultural systems is fair and equitable and benefits all Americans.” The advisory board provides feedback to the Secretary of Agriculture, USDA’s research mission area, and land-grant colleges and universities on food and agricultural research, education, extension and economics priorities and policies. Nomination packages may be received continually until September 30, 2022, and should be sent by email to