FACA Discusses USDA’s Role in Climate Initiatives at House Ag Hearing


As the process to write the 2023 farm bill begins, the agriculture committees should address climate policy in a producer-focused way, according to the Food and Agriculture Climate Alliance. Chuck Conner of the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives is co-chair of the alliance. Conner told Congress Wednesday, “We believe that policies should be voluntary, and market- and incentive-based.” The comments were part of the House Agriculture Committee hearing to review the Department of Agriculture program’s role in addressing climate change. Conner noted that FACA released a comprehensive list of recommendations related to agriculture and climate in November 2020. Several of these, he said, should be considered during the farm bill process. Conner also noted that FACA is beginning a process to develop an expanded set of more farm bill focused recommendations in the coming months. FACA represents a diverse group of farm and environmental groups, including the American Farm Bureau Federation and the Environmental Defense Fund.